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  • People from all walks of life are now starting to take care of their health.  We are now more conscious of our health, especially since obesity is considered one of the top killers of our generation.  Many Americans have made a conscious effort to minimize fat intake, and the culinary industry recognizes this.  That's why there are so many types of non-stick cookware.
    Gone are the days where all recipes are started with a big dollop of butter or a big splash of cooking oil.  There are two major words to describe how non-stick pots and pans can benefit our health - less fat.  One cup of oil has 1909 calories while a cup of unsalted butter has 1628 calories.  If you cut down your use of just these two fats in your daily cooking several hundred calories will be saved.
    A non-stick surface requires no oil.  Oil's properties prevent food from sticking to traditional cookware and often food needs oil to enhance its flavor.  However, we tend to use more oil than necessary to make sure it doesn't stick.  Don't get me wrong, our body needs some fat or else our skin will dry out and we will have lots of wrinkles. Make sure you have a bottle of olive oil in your cupboard. Research has shown over and over again that it's the healthiest. But, too much of these calories can also affect our body negatively.
    Cooking foods like chicken and fish on stainless steel definitely requires fat but adding excessive fat takes away from the healthy qualities of these lower calorie foods. Non-stick pots and pans are a must for low fat cooking.
    Non-stick pans also mean easy clean up.  Because food doesn't stick, it usually just takes a little bit of hot soapy water to wash them. A sponge will wipe away any residue and then you'll be ready to rinse it with hot water.  Never use a steel wool or a scouring pad.  They can cause abrasions that damage the surface, but newer non stick surfaces have been developed in the past few years that are very scratch resistant.
    Although there is an ongoing debate on whether the chemical properties of the traditional non-stick pan are dangerous to one's health, a direct link to non-stick pans has never been established.  And, newer non stick surfaces developed the last few years based on ceramic and diamond coatings have removed or replaced these unwanted chemicals.
    Just like with any other cookware, proper care will make sure that your cookware will work for you and not against you.  A quality non-stick pan will come with a booklet on how to properly use it and care for it.  Make sure to read it to fully enjoy the benefits of a non-stick cooking.  
    Non stick cookware is a key tool for healthier meals because it allows us to take fat out of our diet.  The side benefits are that it makes things easier to use and to clean.  What could be better than that?

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